Feedback is a gift

Feedback is a gift. I’m not the one who said it – Seth Godin did – but it’s something I firmly believe. Feedback = gift, always.

When people take time and put themselves out there to share their thoughts on something, they are giving something very valuable – a new perspective.

After all, they don’t have to do it. What if you, the creator of that thing, don’t recognize the gift that it is? It’s so much easier for a reviewer to say, “It’s good,” rather than “It’s good, but I would have hoped for Y as well.”

Does this mean that I think that all feedback is right and should be immediately incorporated? Of course not. Reviewers can “get it wrong” sometimes, most certainly, just as content creators can. They may have overlooked something. Or they may have identified a problem, but they may not have the right solution.

The key is to open up a dialogue. And when that happens, when smart, passionate, outcome-focused people begin to listen to each other and hash ideas through, the final result can only get better.

Slowly, something that’s not working will start to coalesce. Or something that is working will become that much more nuanced, stronger, exhilarating, or whatever.

And that’s a gift indeed.