Paying the Price Report

Paying the Price Report


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How can data be used to create monumental societal change? Evoke proposed this policy report to CNIB to talk about the results of a research study CNIB had commissioned (see Cost of Vision Loss Summary Report in this portfolio). Paying the Price is a hard-hitting white paper that examines the huge human and societal cost of vision loss in Canada and makes recommendations to government and other stakeholders on how to address it. The report drew national headlines and resulted in key vision health policy changes in a number of provinces.

Cost of Vision Loss – Summary Report

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How can data put its best foot forward? This report was commissioned by CNIB to summarize and bring forward the relevance of a cost of vision loss study it had done with an economics consultancy firm. All writing, charts, and much additional research done by Evoke. The challenge was to translate a 150-page report – which was overly technical, dense, full of jargon, and with no prioritization of the most relevant information – into a more engaging and media-friendly summary. See also Evoke’s policy paper relating to this project, Paying the Price.

Caring for the Future

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In Caring for the Future, Evoke developed the idea that there is an enormous ripple effect when Kids Help Phone helps one young person… the service benefits that child in the moment, but it can also transform their entire life, not to mention the lives of their families and their communities. To realize this idea, we explored themes such as Support, Connect, Innovate, and Advocate, and used real-life stories and original infographics to describe the many ways the service has an impact.

Proof Positive Research Report

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Provided writing and substantive editing services for this extensive research evaluation report, a key proof of concept and stewardship tool for Kids Help Phone. Contributions included:

  • Substantive editing to create seamless flow and voice in a manuscript with multiple authors
  • Refining structure and writing executive summary
  • Checking for errors in statistics and other technical material
  • Assembling photos, graphs, pull quotes, references
  • Collaborating with research team to ensure accuracy of final product
  • Ensuring tone and content appeal to multiple lay and technical audiences (individual readers/donors, large funders, key influencers, research professionals)
  • Production management and developing launch strategy

Seeing Beyond Vision Loss

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For CNIB’s 2009-10 annual report, we developed the content lineup, researched and identified subjects to create stellar profile interviews, and calculated innovative new statistics to highlight the organization’s importance and impact (such as the number of Canadians who contact CNIB each year, or how often – in minutes – someone in Canada develops vision loss). The positive, optimistic tone and structure reflected CNIB’s new strategic direction, focused on leadership in community-based support, providing a national voice, and sharing knowledge.

Huffington Post OpEd

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This Huffington Post blog entry, co-written with Roots of Empathy’s Mary Gordon, explores the role of empathy in civilization, proposing that “If we want to change societal levels of empathy, the best place to start is with children.” It was written at the invitation of Jeremy Rifkin, author of The Empathic Civilization.

“The Night Shift”

Part of a series of three, this video features four counsellors speaking about what drives children and youth to call Kids Help Phone’s 24/7 phone line right through the night. Used extensively in 2013 to promote the organization’s annual Walk fundraising event, the video has proven to be of lasting value – it is currently featured on the home page of the organization’s website.

CNIB Library Brand Development

The CNIB Library was looking for a new tagline and marketing materials to promote its accessible library service to potential public library partners and their users. After an initial discovery and development period, the “Reading. Reimagined!” brand was born, inviting library users to expand their views of what reading could mean at their local library, thanks to CNIB-produced audiobooks, its online accessible information portal, and more. Evoke then created a number of promotional materials for the CNIB Library (bookmarks, posters, etc.) that were widely distributed in libraries across Canada, resulting in significant uptake and a highly successful campaign.